The micro-learning platform Priscilla (O1) and the micro-learning courses (O2-O15) are available on the platform website.

Simultaneously, the content of the micro-learning courses has been modified and adjusted to the form suitable for the readers, who want to read or print longer texts. This approach allows combining the micro-learning interactive approach with the more conservative one based on textbooks.

java fundamentals perex  java classes perex c fundamentals perex 
c advanced perex  c specific perex  databases sql perex
python fundamentals perex  python intermediate perex  python classes perex
 html fundamentals perex  css fundamentals perex  javascript fundamentals perex
 php fundamentals perex  git testing perex  android application development perex
 ios swift fundamentals perex  frameworks for frontend application development perex  frameworks for backend application development perex
 datamining perex  Practical Guideline for Automated Programming Assignments Writing perex  The Collection of Practical Assignments for Students Software Projects perex