• A short term horizon: Developed educational platform will provide a set of innovative educational tools. As a result, the overall quality of training and education of IT students will increase. The portion of students at risk of learning failure will decrease. At the same time, involved students will reach better grading
  • A long term horizon: A higher level of IT knowledge and skills obtained by target group will create their readiness for the job market. A level of readiness for life-long learning will also increase.
  • Regional impact – The competitiveness of involved universities will increase in the region because they will provide an innovative approach to IT students’ education based on the students’ expectations and habits. Regional companies will have the opportunity to employ IT students with a higher initial knowledge.
  • Educational impact – New methodologies and modernized didactical approaches for IT topics covered by the project will be proposed and evaluated. Improved evaluation methods based on the automation will be used across the whole educational model. The gamification elements, as well as models, which allow to record and analyse a student’s progress and performance and identify situations, which can lead to his/her learning failure, will be evaluated.
  • Technological impact – Proposed and implemented concept can be applicable to other related disciplines.
  • Social impact – The number of students, who leave a study due to learning failure, will decrease. Graduates will obtain a higher level of specialized IT knowledge and skills.